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Analysis of the Practical Application of Case Teaching in Higher Vocational Education

Niu Jinxin


Based on the background of modern education and teaching, higher vocational colleges should undertake the teaching task
of transporting high-quality talents for social development and national construction. For this reason, teachers should explore novel and
eff ective teaching measures in combination with the development strategy of colleges, the characteristics of curriculum teaching, and the
practical needs of students, in order to provide high-quality teaching services for students. To this end, teachers can explore appropriate
opportunities and paths to introduce case teaching methods, so as to get rid of the shackles of traditional teaching models and obtain
more signifi cant vocational education results. In this way, not only can we provide students with high-quality teaching services, but also
can promote the long-term development of higher vocational colleges. How to fl exibly apply case teaching method in higher vocational
education is an important issue that teachers need to solve at present. This paper will focus on this issue to carry out in-depth research,
hoping to benefi t teachers.


case teaching; Higher vocational education; practical application

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