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Exploring the development path of rural cross-border e-commerce under the background of rural revitalization

Lu Zhiliang


In order to adapt to the changing modern social environment, solve the main problems of unbalanced rural development,
further expand agricultural production, beautify the rural environment, and increase farmers’ income, China has put forward the strategy
of rural revitalization and development. On this basis, we also need to increase policy and institutional support to support rural crossborder e-commerce development, explore the internal link between rural revitalization and rural cross-border e-commerce development,
and eff ectively solve the main contradiction between social development and rural development. This paper specifi cally expounds the basic
concepts of rural revitalization and rural cross-border e-commerce, and deeply discusses the development dilemma and development path
respectively, hoping to provide more benefi cial reference for grass-roots rural builders.


rural revitalization strategy; Rural cross-border e-commerce; Development path

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