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Research on the integration of ideological and political elements into chinese teaching in secondary vocational schools in the new era

Guofeng Wu


In order to meet the needs of modern education reform, Chinese teachers in secondary vocational schools need to update
teaching concepts and innovate teaching methods with the times. Therefore, under the guidance of the concept of "ideological and political
curriculum", we can integrate teaching resources and reconstruct the curriculum system, and ultimately penetrate ideological and political
education in Chinese teaching in an all-round and whole process to provide high-quality teaching services for students. In order to achieve
this teaching goal, teachers need to organically combine the two on the basis of studying the opportunity of ideological and political
integration and the characteristics of Chinese curriculum, so as to activate the classroom atmosphere and mobilize students' emotions.
While assisting them to consolidate basic knowledge and practice skills, they can cultivate their value orientation, moral quality, enhance
their political and humanistic qualities, and lay a solid foundation for their subsequent adaptation to social life. How to naturally integrate
ideological and political elements into Chinese teaching in secondary vocational schools under the background of the new era is one of the
important problems that teachers need to solve. This paper will focus on this problem and discuss it.


ideological and political curriculum; Secondary vocational schools; teaching of language and literature

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