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Analysis of the optimization strategy based on the education management of foreign students in colleges and universities

Lu Sun


In the context of the development of the new era, the development of teaching in colleges and universities tends to be
internationalized. At the same time, more and more leaders and teachers pay attention to the education management of foreign students,
and gradually become an important part of the education management in colleges and universities. Based on this, colleges and universities
should scientifi cally and reasonably carry out the management of foreign students, so as to adapt to the development trend of expanding
scale and increasing number of foreign students. Teachers need to solve various problems in a timely and eff ective manner on the basis
of in-depth analysis of the current situation of international student education management, so as to continuously improve the level of
international student education, promote the development process of China’s international student education, and expand the international
infl uence of China’s education. How to further optimize the education management of foreign students in colleges and universities is an
important issue that leaders and teachers need to solve. This paper will focus on this issue to carry out in-depth exploration, with a view to
providing reference value for relevant researchers.


universities; overseas student; Education management; Optimization strategy

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