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Research on teaching reform of art design major in higher vocational education in the new media era

Xue Song


In the new media era, information is spread faster and more widely. Therefore, the teachers of art design major in higher
vocational colleges should adapt to the development of the times, constantly innovate the education model, and promote the development
of vocational education to provide a broader development space for students of art design major. In the new media era, college students’
art design learning process and creation process rely more on various art design technology software, which requires art design teachers to
explore more effi cient and reasonable teaching methods based on the development trend of art design. Based on this, this paper analyzes
the teaching reform path of art design major in vocational colleges under the background of the new media era, with a view to providing
reference for educators.


new media era; Higher vocational colleges; Major in art design; reform in education

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