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Research on the construction and management path of university laboratories in the context of integration of industry and education

Weiwei Zhu, Senming Zhong


Based on the background of quality education, colleges and universities should constantly improve the curriculum system
and optimize the teaching links, especially when carrying out experimental teaching, the basic guarantee should be provided by introducing
experimental equipment and constructing experimental places. In order to give full play to the effectiveness of experimental teaching,
teachers should carry out the construction and management of laboratories based on the integration of production and teaching. Based on
this, college teachers should introduce advanced technology and equipment to assist laboratory construction and management, thereby
improving the quality of experimental teaching and laying the foundation for the school to promote curriculum reform. In view of this, this
paper takes the author's teaching experience as the starting point, briefl y expounds the concept of integration of industry and education,
analyzes the current situation of university laboratory construction and management, and puts forward a practical practical path based on the
background of integration of industry and education, aiming to provide reference for university leaders and teachers to promote scientifi c
research, and ultimately to transport composite talents for social development and national construction.


integration of production and education; Colleges and universities; laboratory; Construction and management; Practice path

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