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Post-epidemic era: Study on employment of Hospitality management students after professional internship in Fuyang Normal University

Meng Zou, Wenwen Wang, Dongping Fan, Juan Wang, Yu Weng, Songting Zhang


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, it has brought numerous negative impacts on the development of the
hospitality industry and the employment of hospitality management students in Fuyang Normal University. Combining qualitative and
quantitative research methods such as literature reference and questionnaire survey, this paper studies undergraduate students' expectations
before and after internship, their ability comparison before and after internship, their understanding of the relationship between internship
and employment, and their future employment tendency. In the post-epidemic era, some feasible ways to promote professional employment
of hospitality management students in Fuyang Normal University are given.


Post-epidemic era; Fuyang Normal University; hospitality management; Professional practice; Employment tendency

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