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Company name: Dalian University of Finance and Economics Research on the Impact of Digital Inclusive Finance on Corporate Financing Constraints

Liu Huihui


At this stage, small and medium-sized enterprises provide an inexhaustible driving force for China’s economic development,
and many local governments have also issued corresponding policies to help the further development of small and medium-sized
enterprises. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises still have serious constraints on fi nancing, which greatly restricts the further
development of enterprises. With the continuous development of Internet technology in China, digital inclusive fi nance has been widely used
in China. It has an important impact on the reform and upgrading of fi nancial institutions in the past, can greatly improve the effi ciency and
service quality of fi nancial transactions, and eff ectively make up for the defects and defi ciencies of traditional fi nancial institutions. In view
of this, this paper will analyze the impact of digital inclusive fi nance on corporate fi nancing constraints and propose some strategies for your


digital inclusive fi nance; Enterprise fi nancing constraints; infl uence

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v6i10.5896