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Research on the teaching reform path of logistics management major in higher vocational colleges under the background of school enterprise cooperation

Xue Jie, Qian Lan


With the rapid development of the current domestic economy, the market competition atmosphere of various industries
is becoming increasingly fierce, and the requirements and standards of various enterprises for talents are also rising, especially for the
logistics management professional jobs. With the optimization and development of the modern logistics system, the logistics industry is
also experiencing rapid changes, The core competitiveness and practical ability of corresponding talents have become the focus of attention
of various logistics enterprises, which also brings new challenges and huge pressure to the training of logistics management talents in
vocational colleges. Higher vocational colleges occupy an important position in China's vocational education and undertake the mission of
delivering high-quality talents to the society. They must cultivate the matching degree between students and actual jobs. It is necessary to
reach a deep cooperation relationship with relevant enterprises. They focus on training students according to the actual needs of enterprises
for professional talents, and reform and improve the college's own teaching system with the overall needs of enterprises and industries as the
core guidance, Continuously improve the quality of professional training. This paper takes the teaching of logistics management major in
higher vocational colleges as the main content, takes the cooperation between schools and enterprises as the starting point, elaborates on the
reform of its professional teaching, and puts forward several implementation paths for the reference of the insiders.


School enterprise cooperation; Vocational school; Major in Logistics management; Reform in education; Route

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