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Analysis of HCA Healthcare’s Strategic and Operational Decision-Making

Rongchun  Li


The importance of strategic and operational decisions for business development is of increasing interest to companies. In this paper, HCA Healthcare, a private healthcare organisation in the United States, is selected to analyse its strategic decisions. Firstly, valid industry data is found and the company's external environment is analysed at the macro and micro levels using the Porter's five forces model and the PESTEL model respectively, and the two models are discussed and compared. Secondly, review market characteristics, analyse the company's strategy and business model, analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the company's strategy using the SWOT model, and propose targeted solutions. Thirdly, analyse and compare the operational strategy models and analyse the suitability of existing operational strategies for the current market. Fourthly, define HCA Healthcare's operational strategy, assess the alignment of the operational strategy with the company's strategy, and analyse the problems with the operational strategy and explore solutions.


Analysis of Strategic, Operational Decision-Making, Market Assessment

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