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Research on the Management Strategy of Green Logistics

Diyang Zhou


Ecological environment protection is the basis for logistics enterprises to implement green logistics. Relevant departments should constantly improve the business mechanism of enterprises, improve the circulation process of green products and services, and establish a modern green logistics management system. We must reform our business philosophy and abandon the traditional concept of "consumption economy". In the new situation, the interaction between environmental protection and modern green logistics system is a new development direction of enterprise management. Promoting the development of green logistics is of great significance for promoting the sustainable development of our society and economy.


Modern; Green Logistics; Management Policy

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Wang WH, Liu HH. System Analysis and Development Countermeasures of Danyang Green Logistics under the Background of "Double Carbon" [J]. Industrial Innovation Research, 2022 (20): 70-72.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i6.6119