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Study on the Willingness of Urban School District Housing Owners to Sell Under the Background of Multi Child Policy-Based on Sichuan

Hong Xiao


More than child policy issued to alleviate the aging population, labor gap, intention to increase fertility to achieve the purpose of increasing the population and promote social and economic development, but after the policy relaxation, statistics show that fertility is not expected high, further exploration found may be related to the cost of family education found, and the school district room belongs to a kind of education cost. In China, the compulsory education stage adopts the principle of nearby enrollment, that is, the family has a certain school area to obtain the enrollment qualification of the school. It was originally a policy to promote educational equity, but in the imbalance between supply and demand in the real estate market, the housing price in the school district is getting higher and higher, increasing the cost of family raising children. Under the multi-child policy, changes in family structure and the increase of population are bound to produce new demand for social public resources and infrastructure. School district housing, as a common carrier of housing and education resources, will also be affected to some extent. Family for school district room, the demand may increase, to further promote the school district housing prices rise, leading to public education resources prices, for selling school district housing plan owners will delay or cancel the school district housing selling will, is not conducive to the normal development of the real estate market, so it is necessary to study the policy on the school district housing owners to sell will influence mechanism and degree.


Multi-Child Policy; School District Housing; Sell Willingness

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