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A Study on the Influence of the Phenomenon of Family-Based Management on Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Private Universities in China

Jufang Li


Since the reform and opening up of China, the development and progress of private colleges and universities has been obvious to all, and they are an integral part of the higher education system in China. Due to the late start of private universities in China, many problems formed during the development process have not been properly solved, which has led to the fact that the quality of their education has never been significantly improved, and it is difficult for them to make big waves in the society, thus they have never been able to escape from the bottom ranks of the higher education pyramid system. For private universities, they are now at an important stage of transformation, and improving internal governance is an important guarantee for building high-level applied universities. The background of quality education has put forward higher requirements and standards for private universities, and has made many of them deeply aware that the traditional teaching model has gone, and that reform and innovation are the way to achieve high-quality development. Private universities also occupy a very important position in the higher education system and play an important role in exporting talents. At this stage, private universities are in a critical period of transformation. In order to steadily enter the path of sustainable development, in addition to establishing the correct philosophy of schooling, they should also build brand-name majors and construct a stable and high-quality teaching staff, so as to break through the development dilemma and achieve high-quality development.


Ethnographic Management; Job Satisfaction; Impact

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i6.6186