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Exploring the Influence of Social E-Commerce Interaction on Consumers' Attitude Towards Advertising:The Case of Xiaohongshu

Zhenzhu Cao, Zezhi Wang


With the rapid development of online retailing in China, social e-commerce platforms are riding on the wind, and as large lifestyle communities in China, the impact of their interaction methods on consumers' advertising attitudes is extremely important. To explore how social e-commerce interactions affect consumers' advertising attitudes, we need to measure consumers' advertising attitudes through data analysis of the factors related to interaction styles. Based on this, this paper uses SPSS software to analyze the correlation and regression analysis between the interaction mode of Xiaohongshu and consumers' advertising attitudes based on selective attention theory, taking Xiaohongshu, a social e-commerce platform, as an example. It was found that the factors of entertainment, information and trustworthiness of interactive content of Xiaohongshu interactive mode would significantly and positively influence consumers' advertising attitudes, and the factors of interference of interactive advertising would significantly and negatively influence consumers' advertising attitudes. Therefore, social e-commerce platforms can use their shareability and interactivity to improve user attention and engagement, enhance consumer advertising attitudes, and then enhance user stickiness, improve sales conversion rates, and promote long-term corporate development.


Social E-Commerce; Interaction Mode; Consumer Advertising Attitude; Selective Attention Theory; Xiaohongshu

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i6.6313