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Research on Implementation Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility based on Sustainable Development

Lijiao Song


As is known to all, the strategy of sustainable development has become an international consensus, and more and more countries have explored specific strategies to achieve sustainable development from various aspects. Along with the development of Chinese economy, various kinds of contradictions between enterprises and the social sustainable development appear, the research of enterprise social responsibility (CSR) has great theoretical and practical significance. How to practice CSR has become an important issue related to the sustainable development of enterprises. Starting from the evolution of CSR concept, this article describes four kinds of CSR implementation strategies for enterprises to choose and the macro and micro factors that may influence the choice of CSR implementation strategies. Furthermore, according to the current predicament faced by Chinese enterprises, it proposes to innovate through products, services and business models. Only by formulating and selecting CSR implementation strategies that combine their own advantages and characteristics can a new driving force of sustainable development be formed that integrates social benefits with economic goals.


Sustainable Development; Corporate Social Responsibility; Implementation Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i6.6360