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Research on the cultivation of vocational skills and professionalism in the course of precision detection technology and application in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jia Wang


higher vocational colleges are one of the main positions to implement the fundamental task of Building Morality and
cultivating talents, and to cultivate builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics. They undertake the important task
of cultivating high-quality technical and skilled talents to serve regional development. As an important carrier of talent training in higher
vocational colleges, the curriculum must adhere to the integration of education and talent cultivation in the process of system design and
teaching implementation. Taking the precision detection technology and application of the platform course of mechanical manufacturing and
automation specialty group as an example, this paper systematically analyzes and shows the cultivation of students’ professional skills and
professionalism in the implementation process of the course from the aspects of curriculum education goal design, curriculum main content
design, and curriculum teaching implementation, which can provide reference for professional courses in Higher Vocational Colleges to give
full play to the comprehensive educational function of the course.


higher vocational colleges; Vocational skills; Professional quality

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