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Research on the optimization strategy of rural physical education teachers’ professional training under the background of Rural Revitalization

Dongping Duan, Dongman Duan


under the background of implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy, rural economy, culture and education have made
great progress, rural school education facilities and teaching conditions have been continuously improved, and a large number of highquality teaching resources have emerged. At the same time, in the process of sustainable development of rural education, how to strengthen
the professional training of rural physical education teachers, promote the professional development of teachers, and eff ectively improve the
quality of rural physical education teaching has become an important issue of rural education reform. Based on this, this paper, based on the
background of rural revitalization, analyzes the opportunity for the development of rural physical education teachers, expounds the current
situation of rural physical education teachers’ development, and puts forward the optimization strategy of professional training, so as to
promote physical education teachers’ professional development, so as to change the face of rural physical education.


Rural Revitalization; Rural physical education teachers; Professional training; strategy

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