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Risk assessment of Chinese technology enterprises’ foreign direct investment

Huaxuan Wu


with the vigorous development of science and technology, countries around the world pay more and more attention to the
important role of science and technology in economic development, and the competition of science and technology enterprises has become
a hot competition point in the international competition. Foreign direct investment can help enterprises obtain technological development
and expand overseas markets. With the development of China’s science and technology enterprises, the amount of foreign investment
of enterprises increases year by year. How to effectively evaluate the risk in the process of investment is of great significance to the
development of China’s science and technology enterprises. According to the characteristics of science and technology enterprises, this paper
determines the risk assessment indicators from the four levels of politics, economy, law and technology, analyzes and evaluates various risk
indicators by using analytic hierarchy process, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures.


Science and technology enterprises; Foreign direct investment; risk assessment

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