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Teaching design and application of internal medicine nursing course under mixed teaching mode

Xiaocong Song, Yana Wang, li Liu, Wenhua Ma


with the deepening of education reform, the mixed teaching mode is widely used in the teaching of higher vocational
colleges, which brings great convenience to teachers. Through online and offl ine mixed teaching, the advantages of offl ine teaching and
online learning can be integrated, which can improve the overall teaching quality and cultivate more excellent talents. In view of this, this
paper studies the teaching design and application of internal medicine nursing course under the mixed teaching mode, understands the
connotation and application advantages of the mixed teaching mode, analyzes the problems in the current teaching, and combined with the
actual situation, puts forward reasonable application countermeasures, so as to eff ectively cultivate students’ autonomous learning ability and
enhance their ability to apply the knowledge of internal medicine nursing. At the same time, it also provides certain reference value for other
related theoretical researchers.


mixed teaching mode; “Internal medicine nursing” course; teaching

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