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Construction under BIM Technology ApplicationR esearch on practical teaching of Engineering Management Specialty

Chenhui Yang, Jiaqi Yang


China’s “14th fi ve year plan” and the long-term goal outline of 2035 have determined to accelerate the development of
digitalization and build a digital China; Jbb [2020] No. 38 document launched the starting gun of cost marketization reform to promote the
transformation and upgrading of the industry. BIM Technology has been widely promoted in large and medium-sized enterprises in terms
of engineering drawing recognition, building model construction, virtual simulation interaction of technical solutions, construction of cost
index database and material price database, which will promote the construction project management personnel to improve their “digital”,
“intelligent” and other post capabilities. Driven by both supply and demand, teachers need to meet the needs of the industry, actively
introduce new educational concepts, and carry out practical teaching reform. In view of this, this paper will analyze the practical teaching
of Construction Engineering Management Specialty under the application of BIM Technology, and put forward some strategies for your


BIM Technology Application; Construction project management; Practical teaching

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