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Research on the Operating Mechanism of Modern Apprenticeship in Visual Communication Design Major of Higher Vocational Colleges

Wei Tian


In the new era, social development has raised the requirements for the comprehensive skill level and professional awareness
of students majoring in visual communication design. As an important place to transport a large number of skilled talents to the society,
higher vocational colleges should actively adjust the talent training objectives and plans to adapt to the development of the times, and
promote the effective connection between the talent chain and the industrial chain. As a practical study, Visual Communication Design
has higher requirements for students’ practical ability. In this regard, teachers can introduce modern apprenticeship teaching methods,
effectively exercise students’ practical ability through practical practice, lay a good foundation for students’ future social development, and
promote students to meet work needs. Based on this, this paper analyzes the operation mechanism of modern apprenticeship in the visual
communication design major of higher vocational education in order to provide reference for educators.


higher vocational education; Major in visual communication design; Modern apprenticeship; operating mechanism

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