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Strategies for College English Teaching Reform under the “Internet+” Model

Jie Zhou


Under the “Internet+” model, college English teaching reform has ushered in a new opportunity. It is crucial to promote
reform around teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods, etc. This is also one of the main tasks of teaching managers and
front-line work at this stage. At present, the informatization and modernization of English teaching in colleges and universities are constantly
promoted. Many front-line teachers also adhere to reform and innovation, build a scene conducive to students’ English communication
and practice, build a more efficient and high-quality classroom model, and further improve the level of college English informatization. In
view of this, this paper specifically discusses the problems in college English teaching, and puts forward several teaching strategies and
suggestions for improvement based on the “Internet+” model, hoping to provide more reference for front-line educators


Internet+; College English; reform in education

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