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Teaching reform practice of pharmaceutical chemistry based on professional certifi cation

Hong Zhao, Weiwei Tang, Yuliang Wang, Changyou Ma


starting with the core concept of “student-centered and output oriented” professional certification, the course of
pharmaceutical chemistry was implementedC losed loop teaching, optimize the teaching mode and knowledge content, and construct the
curriculum system and training mode of pharmaceutical talents training. Through the closed-loop teaching reform, taking students as the
main body, aims to improve students’ learning motivation and stimulate students’ thirst for knowledge. Compared with the traditional
teaching mode, the closed-loop teaching of medicinal chemistry has achieved good results in the aspects of students’ classroom participation,
final examination scores and the cultivation of innovation consciousness. The closed-loop teaching mode is of great significance for
improving the teaching quality of pharmaceutical chemistry and cultivating innovative R & D talents.


Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Professional certification; Teaching reform

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