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Influence of principals’transformational leadership practices on the teachers’ efficacy during the new normal towards improved school governance

Xiaohong Lyu


The goal of school reform under the new economic normal is to improve the modernization of school governance. In
school reform, to ensure the effective operation of the school, leaders should choose the appropriate leadership model. The transformational
leadership model is the most suitable leadership model to promote the development of schools, and the best choice to promote school
reform. The reform of schools should focus on improving the quality of talent training, and teachers’ efficacy has a profound impact on the
quality of school talent training. Therefore, school leaders pay more and more attention to the improvement of teachers’ efficacy,and the
improvement of teachers’ efficacy is increasingly inseparable from the guidance of excellent school leaders. The different leadership styles of
school leaders have a great impact on teachers’ professional development and enthusiasm for work. As far as teachers’ efficacy is concerned,
principals who adopt transformational leadership practices are more likely to make teachers in their schools have a higher sense of teachers’
efficacy. This paper analyzes the impact of transformational leadership practice on teacher teachers’efficacy, and puts forward reasonable
suggestions for school governance.


transformational leadership; Teacher’s efficacy; School governance

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