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Research on Countermeasures to Promote the High-Quality Development of Family Farms——Taking 29 family farms in Guizhou Province as an Example

Yuxin Luo


The family farm in China is an agricultural economic organization developed in the practice of the grassroots masses and has a history of more than 40 years now. As one of the important ways to modernize agriculture in rural areas, it has the value of improving agricultural production efficiency, enhancing the level of farmers' organization, increasing farmers' income and promoting the revitalization of rural industries. Using the methodology of sociological fieldwork, this paper investigates 29 family farms in 13 counties in Guizhou Province, conducts structured interviews with family farm owners and summarizes the types and characteristics of family farms in Guizhou Province as well as the main development challenges they currently face. The paper concludes with 19 measures to promote the high-quality development of family farms at three levels: macro, meso and micro, and proposes internal and external relationships that family farms should pay attention to in the process of development.


Family Farm; Development Challenges; Recommendations for Countermeasures

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