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Recovery of Hotel Industry with Innovations

Canyu Shi


Many sectors have been drastically affected by the PHEIC outbreak globally in recent years, among which the tourism and hospitality industry were one of the hardest hits. Thus, the depression problem of hospitality industry and tourism is a hot spot issue which is highly concerned in today's society. It is imperative to revitalize the hotel industry and turn the crisis into business opportunity. Technological innovation might offer some solutions. This essay is about three realities exposed to the hospitality industry under the impact of the PHEIC, and the corresponding innovative management approaches. The influence of the PHEIC on the entire hotel industry is multifaceted. This article analyzes the impact of the PHEIC, public health requirements, high staff turnover and the outdated sales model on the hospitality industry as a whole, and recommend three specific measures to reverse this situation. This helps to understand and cope with the future development of hotel industry.


Hotel Management; PHEIC; E-Commerce Economy; High Turnover

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International Journal of Hospitality Management, 92(92), 102723.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i6.7759