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The Enlightenment of Frederickson's Social Equity Thought to the Practice of Public Administration in China

Xiangyue Sun


In the 1960s, due to the dramatic changes in social contradictions, the western world launched a critical movement against the "old Public Administration Science" rebuilt after World War II, and a new Public Administration science emerged as the times require. New Public Administration breaks through the Politics-Administration Dichotomy and adds the value pursuit of social equity to the classic Public Administration that only pursues economy and efficiency, which brings fresh air to the administrative circles. This paper focuses on  Frederiksen' discussion on social equity, aiming to put forward some  ideas for the practice of Public Administration in China today.


New Public Administration; Frederickson; Social Equity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i6.7762