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An Information Education Management and Teaching Information Management System Construction of Universities in Guangdong Province

Shiwen Wu, Erlito Albina


Information education management is a complex and tedious work, especially with the continuous expansion of the scale
of colleges and universities, the number of students has risen sharply, the relevant student information has doubled and doubled, to bring
more pressure to the information management. The construction of information-based educational administration and teaching information
management system is an inevitable choice for the development of contemporary education, which drives the modernization of education
through informationization and realizes the leapfrog development of education.
Given department in colleges and universities set up more less tedious, management staff , all kinds of students to the current situation
of increasing year by year, the new system can design students throughout the school each department and each link of the students to
meet the needs of the school information management, information management of students, teachers and other information digitization,
automation, scientifi c management, to improve the teaching quality and management level, Promote the informatization reform of education.


Information management; University scale; Digital; Automation; scientific

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