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Exploration on the growth system of technical and skilled talents based on the idea of sustainable development ——Taking Chengdu aviation vocational and Technical College as an example

Xiaomin Jiang, Yingdan Li


vocational education is facing new challenges and new development. Technical and skilled talents should conform to
the form, carry out the change of education concept from knowledge-based to people-oriented, and establish the core quality based on
supporting students' lifelong development and adapting to the requirements of the times. This paper analyzes the problems, essential
elements and implementation path of the growth system of technical and skilled talents. Taking Chengdu aviation vocational and Technical
College as an example, it discusses the growth system to promote the sustainable development of technical and skilled talents. As one of
the projects of "1235a" collaborative education mode, the system has achieved remarkable results, It provides ideas and references for the
construction of the growth system of technical skilled talents in Vocational Education in the new era.


sustainable development; Technical and skilled personnel; Growth system

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