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Innovative strategies for the cultivation of engineering management talents in Colleges and Universities under the new engineering

Yanli Jia


with the proposal of a series of national strategies such as “made in China 2025” and “smart manufacturing in China”, the
transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and manufacturing industry have been promoted, and the demand for engineering
talents has increased year by year. “New engineering” has become the wind vane leading the reform of talent training mode for engineering
management majors in Colleges and universities, urging colleges and universities to improve the professional curriculum system and
cultivate “double qualifi ed” teachers, so as to improve the quality of talent training for engineering management majors. Teachers majoring
in engineering management in Colleges and universities should actively carry out interdisciplinary integrated teaching and link up the
courses of civil engineering, information engineering and management; Comprehensively optimize practical teaching, flexibly design
practical training projects, and improve students’ practical ability; Actively carry out information teaching, carry out BIM Technology and
hybrid teaching, and comprehensively improve the teaching quality of professional courses; Comprehensively promote school enterprise
cooperation, promote modern apprenticeship, carry forward the spirit of craftsman, and improve the teaching and education quality of
engineering management.


new engineering; College engineering management major; Personnel training; Training strategy

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