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A preliminary study on the path of Youth League learning for science and engineering students in Independent Colleges—Taking the education mode of Information Technology Department of Peking Union Medical College as an example

Hongming Zhao, Sihan Wang


with the rapid development of information technology, the digital summit over the years has constantly pushed the
construction of social informatization and digitalization to a new height. Information technology related majors in Colleges and universities
are becoming more and more popular, and the enrollment bonus has also been revealed. However, with regard to the increase in the number
of students, the relevant working concepts and methods have not kept pace with the times, and the supply side reform of education has
lagged behind. As an important supplement to promote the construction of a peak plateau and double fi rst-class in Colleges and universities,
Youth League work has gradually become a contradiction between school teaching, market demand and student demand. Therefore,
exploring the path to solve the contradiction is an important method to realize the fundamental task of cultivating morality and talents.
This paper makes a preliminary exploration on the path and concept of the Youth League work for science and engineering students in
independent colleges, and analyzes the foothold of the Youth League work in Ideological and political education and technical training.


Independent College; Science and engineering students; League study work

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