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Analysis and preventive measures of enterprise financial accounting risk in digital intelligence Era

Ziyang Feng


in the era of digital intelligence, enterprises can explore new profi t growth points and new business models by integrating
business scenarios and financial technology, mining the business value of data, and moving towards the road of transformation and
upgrading. In this context, enterprises put forward higher requirements for accounting information and financial accounting. From the
perspective of financial accounting, in the daily operation activities, if enterprises can not make scientific decisions, it is easy to bring
accounting errors, accounting information distortion, and even loss of assets and reputation, which are the representatives of accounting
risks. By strengthening the prevention of fi nancial accounting risks, enterprises can comprehensively control the sources of risks, make
prediction and prevention in advance, smoothly promote the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence, and lay the foundation
for long-term development. This paper analyzes the characteristics of fi nancial accounting management of digital intelligence enterprises in
China, analyzes the causes of fi nancial accounting risks, and puts forward eff ective preventive measures.


digital intelligence; Enterprise; Financial accounting risk; Causes; Preventive measures

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