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Research on the education of food safety control course from the perspective of “three complete education”

Qiuhui Zhang, Wenming Cui, Xiaopeng Wang, Chaozhi Zhu, Xiaoyu Yuan


in order to thoroughly implement the basic concept of “three complete education” of “all staff , whole process and all-round”,
promote the integration of production and education in the course of food safety control, a professional required course, and advocate
the participation of all staff , such as “teachers as the leading role, enterprise experts and student leaders as the auxiliary role, and subject
professors, subject teachers and professional counselors as the assistance”, From the perspective of “specialty + occupation + industrial
culture”, through the whole teaching process of “pre class, in class and after class”, establish a trinity curriculum education system of
“professional knowledge as the leading + vocational skills as the goal + food industry culture as the inside story”.


Sanquan education; Food safety control; Curriculum education

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