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Ideological and political analysis of automobile marketing course for automobile repair major in technical school

Lujia Weng


since the beginning of the 21st century, with the development of the Internet, information has spread in the society at the
speed of light. The public has seen more and more social and moral information, and children’s ideological education has also been paid
more and more attention. The social concept has gradually changed from only caring about students’ learning to improving students’ overall
quality. Under such a general trend, vocational education, as a direct response to social needs, has come to the forefront of curriculum
reform. Based on the automobile marketing course, this paper combs the teaching situation of teachers, students’ learning situation,
enterprise needs and the characteristics of students majoring in automobile repair in the education of automobile marketing course. Through
the analysis of the needs of students, enterprises and society, it provides the direction for the ideological and political content of automobile
marketing course, and makes the professional education and ideological and political integration more closely, Realize the goal of delivering
highly skilled talents meeting the needs of professional ability to the society.


curriculum ideological and political education; Automobile marketing; vocational education

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