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Strategies for cultivating students’ creative thinking ability in College Physics Education

Li Gu


with the development of social economy, the demand for talents’ ability in various fi elds has changed greatly, and innovative
talents have become the main type of talents needed in various fi elds of society. The transformation of social talent demand has posed new
challenges to China’s higher education. How to cultivate students’ creative thinking has become a major research topic in Colleges and
universities. In the previous college physics education, teachers mostly focused on the teaching of professional knowledge and problem_x005fsolving skills, while ignoring the development of students’ creative thinking, which made it difficult to effectively improve students’
comprehensive ability and quality, which ran counter to the development trend of higher education reform and talent demand in the new era.
Therefore, it is necessary for college physics teachers to pay attention to the cultivation of students’ creative thinking ability in teaching,
comprehensively cultivate students’ ability and quality, and promote the reform of college physics teaching. Based on the reality of college
physics education, this paper expounds the characteristics of creative thinking in physics education, and puts forward the Cultivation
Strategies of students’ creative thinking, in order to provide reference for teachers.


College Physics; Education; Creative thinking ability; strategy

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