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The Signifi cance and Function of Virtual Simulation Experiment in the Teaching of Integrated News Reporting Course ——A Case Study of Emergency Public Safety Incidents

Caizheng Zhou


Generally speaking, public safety incidents include natural disasters caused by Irresistible force,sudden public health
incidents, sudden accidents and disasters.Every public safety accident not only directly endangers the survival and life of human beings,
but also becomes a focal event of intense social concern. Traditional journalism teaching methods cannot provide on-site practical teaching.
The emergence of virtual simulation has prompted the formation of a basic teaching model with students’ independent learning and teacher
guidance supplemented by its experimental platform for integrating public safety incidents with news reports.It has well implemented the
basic concept of “student-centered” experimental teaching, and has strong operability and practical signifi cance in the training of integrated
media reporting courses for public safety incidents. This article explores the significance and role of virtual simulation experiments in
the teaching of integrated news reporting courses through the daily teaching use of virtual emergency public safety incident simulation
experiments, and provides innovative ideas for the teaching design of integrated news reporting courses, as well as virtual simulation
experiments in news dissemination. Provide reference for instructional design.


virtual simulation, integrated news reporting, public emergencies, curriculum design

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