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Research and Prospect on the integration of virtual simulation into the teaching mode of Logistics Vocational Education

Fang Li, Yingqian Huang


with the development of blockchain technology, virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence technology and other
technologies, virtual simulation has attracted more and more attention. The use of virtual simulation technology can simulate various
situations and operations in the real world. In such an environment, the teaching mode of logistics vocational education can achieve a
more realistic, interactive and experiential teaching method. Based on virtual simulation technology, this paper focuses on the analysis of
the teaching mode of Logistics Vocational Education, analyzes the corresponding technology and its advantages, and deeply discusses the
application of its technology in the fi eld of Logistics Vocational Education, so as to achieve the purpose of making Logistics Vocational
Education Students dynamic, visualized and specific. Finally, the paper discusses the development of Logistics Vocational Education
Teaching Mode under the future virtual simulation technology.


virtual simulation; Logistics; Vocational education; teaching model

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