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How to effectively infiltrate moral education in College Physical Education

Mi Zhao


as the fundamental task of China’s higher education, “cultivating morality and cultivating talents” is a systematic project.
Especially in the new era, it has become the bounden responsibility of colleges and universities to cultivate talents with all-round
development of morality, intelligence, physique, art and labor. In this context, how to deeply tap the educational advantages of physical
education, actively infi ltrate moral education in the teaching process, and promote the integration of physical education and moral education
has become an urgent problem for college physical education teachers. Based on this, combined with the practice of college physical
education teaching, this paper analyzes and discusses the signifi cance and Strategies of moral education in physical education teaching, in
order to provide some references for teachers.


college sports; Moral education; Infi ltration signifi cance; Penetration strategy

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