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Thoughts on rural tourism landscape planning and design

Qiang Chen


with the rapid development of social economy, the domestic industrial structure is in the key stage of continuous upgrading
and optimization. At the same time, the proportion of tourism industry in the total international economy is increasing. With the increasing
prosperity of the national economy, people’s living standards and spiritual needs are constantly changing. Nowadays, tourism has gradually
become one of the important ways of leisure and entertainment. Among them, rural ecotourism is very local and cultural, and has high
economic value. It is one of the important forms of tourism landscape planning at this stage. However, according to the current situation of
rural development, with the further development of urbanization, the countryside is declining, which virtually brings crisis to rural tourism.
Based on this, the national and local governments should invest more human and fi nancial resources to develop the rural tourism economy,
aiming to meet the entertainment needs of people for tourism, leisure and vacation. At the same time, they can also carry forward and inherit
the local culture and stimulate the power of rural development. At this stage, the rural areas in many regions in China have been in the state
of development, and have achieved high economic benefi ts. However, how to make it develop, we need to further improve the rural tourism
landscape planning and design, while promoting economic development, we can retain the local culture.


rural tourism; Landscape planning and design; Thinking and exploring

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