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Research on traditional teaching of Ideological and political course and AR technology teaching in China

Zhongyin Zhao, Gang Li, SABARIAH SHARIF, Ng Weng


with the continuous progress and development of the whole society, the competition between countries has intensifi ed, and
the talent competition has become increasingly fi erce. In the talent competition, the talents cultivated by the traditional teaching mode lack
innovative consciousness and ability, which is inconsistent with the development trend of modern education and talent market. Based on the
characteristics of AR technology teaching and higher vocational education, the shortcomings and limitations of the traditional teaching of
Ideological and political course in higher vocational colleges are becoming more and more obvious, so the innovation and teaching reform
of higher vocational education is imminent. Especially in the way of "teaching" and "learning", teaching ignores the dominant position
of students, which naturally fails to achieve the ideal teaching eff ect, while students' learning is often in a passive position, which is not
conducive to students' thinking and exploration, and is not conducive to the improvement of students' ability and quality in all aspects. In
view of this, this paper analyzes the teaching characteristics of Ideological and political course and the teaching mode of Ideological and
political course based on AR technology, hoping to provide more references for front-line educators.


Ideological and political course in higher vocational colleges; Traditional teaching; AR Technology Teaching

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v7i5.8610