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Research on talent training of logistics management major in application oriented Undergraduate Colleges from the perspective of “Internet +”

Qiaoling Tang


with the rapid development of Internet technology, China has gradually stepped into the “Internet +” era, and Internet
technology has been widely applied in various industries, effectively promoting social and economic progress. The introduction of
“Internet +” in education and teaching can further expand teaching resources, optimize teaching mode, and improve teaching effi ciency and
quality. Based on this, the education and teaching of Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges in China has ushered in a new round of
teaching reform. As a popular major in application-oriented undergraduate colleges, logistics management has a wide range of professional
knowledge and a high degree of expertise, which may be difficult for students to understand. With the support of Internet technology,
professional teaching can further optimize the education mode, enrich the forms of knowledge expression, help students understand
important and diffi cult knowledge points, and improve the teaching effi ciency and eff ect. Based on the background of “Internet +”, this
paper deeply analyzes the signifi cance of introducing “Internet +” into the teaching of logistics management major in Application-oriented
Undergraduate Colleges and the problems existing in the professional teaching, and puts forward the corresponding optimization strategy of
talent training mode, hoping to provide eff ective reference for all teachers.


“Internet +”; Applied undergraduate colleges; Logistics management major; personnel training

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