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Strategies and approaches of College Students’ Aesthetic Education

Rongyu Aliu


strengthening the aesthetic education of college students is conducive to cultivating their aesthetic and humanistic qualities,
which is of great signifi cance to the future development of college students, and it is also the core content of cultivating modern talents of
morality, intelligence, physique, art and labor. However, under the infl uence of multiculturalism, college students’ aesthetic education is
facing many obstacles and challenges. Starting from the basic characteristics of College Students’ aesthetic education, this paper briefl y
expounds the infl uence of aesthetic education on college students, and carries out an in-depth and comprehensive discussion around the
eff ective strategies and practical ways of College Students’ aesthetic education, in order to provide new ideas and directions for the reform
and development of College Students’ aesthetic education, and build a more perfect and professional college students’ aesthetic education


college students; Aesthetic education; Strategy; channel

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