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Research on the current situation and Countermeasures of school enterprise cooperation of E-sports major in Colleges and Universities

Yi Zhang


under the background of continuous and in-depth education reform, teaching activities around school enterprise cooperation
have become the focus of many schools and teachers. E-sports is a new major in Colleges and universities. In order to continuously
strengthen the core competitiveness of students and ensure the future development of students, professional teachers carry out a series
of teaching activities around school enterprise cooperation in talent training, which can further improve the quality of talent training and
promote the professional development of students. However, there are still a series of problems in the actual development, which makes it
diffi cult to achieve the established educational objectives. In view of this situation, colleges and universities and E-sports teachers need to
explore eff ective teaching reform measures based on reality.


College E-sports major; School enterprise cooperation; Current situation and countermeasures; research

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