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Exploring the Career Development Path of Well Engineering Talents in Oil Companies

Lian Zeng, Guang-yong Mi, Sen Yang, Rui-xue Mi, Xiao-ping He, Zheng Zhang


There has been a serious brain drain from oil companies in recent years, with job vacancies for professionals.To reach China's goal
of becoming a petrochemical powerhouse, oil companies hope to change the existing dilemma by optimising promotion channels, providing career
planning and development paths for professional and technical personnel to realise their own value, stimulating talent motivation, realising corporate
value and enabling employees to further expand their personal value.Therefore, this paper takes well engineering talents as an example, combines
the current situation of domestic oil companies, based on the leadership ladder model theory, and designs a dual sequence career path under the “oil
company” model, explore the career path of well engineering talents from both horizontal and vertical aspects, with a view to retaining talents to the
greatest extent. At the same time, the design of the horizontal transfer mechanism for technical and managerial positions is proposed, which makes
the internal position transfer system of the enterprise more perfect and allows well engineering talents to better determine their career development
direction, thus promoting the enterprise to attract and retain talents and making the benefi ts of talents greater, and providing certain reference for the
human resources development work of domestic oil enterprises.


Well engineering talent; leadership ladder model theory; career development; dual sequence career path design

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