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On Employee Training of Kanghua Nurse Home with Integrated Medical and Nursing Care

Xiaoxiao Wang, Mengru Zhang


The decade since 2010 has been a period of rapid development of China's population. The national elderly care industry is constantly improving the framework of the old-age care service system and speeding up the finalization of the old-age care service system with Chinese characteristics. This paper studies the research of employee training in the pension industry, aiming to analyze the current training results of the pension industry from the human resource management of the training and development of employees, in order to analyze the importance of employee training to the industry, and how to promote the future development direction of the industry. This paper uses interviews to collect first-hand data and obtain the way that staff training is used and the results generated from the staff training organizer. Understand the students' opinions and suggestions on organizing staff training. Collecting secondary data through literature survey obtained differences in different staff training used by different organizations in the pension industry. The structure of the article first analyzes and compares the literature, then introduces the research methods used, and then discusses the primary data. Using GROW model, IDP theory, Maslow's theory of needs discusses how to create a unique staff training system. The discovery of first-hand data will be expounded and compared with the data obtained from second-hand data, and practical suggestions will be put forward for the staff training of Kanghua Nursing Home.


Elderly Care Industry; Training Programs; GROW mModel; IDP Theory; Maslow's Theory of Needs

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i9.8738