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A Study on the Optimization of Rural Tourism Industry Based on Social Reproduction Theory ——A Case Study of Sankui Town, Taishun County

Weikang Zhang, Binzhe Gao


Taking Sankui Town, Taishun County as the research object, social reproduction theory as the ethical guidance, and using field investigation method to study the current situation of rural tourism industry development in Sankui Town, Taishun County. The main conclusions are as follows: 1) The balance of rural tourism industry development in the study area is not enough, many of them are directly from the first industry to the third industry “violent” transformation, without cultural tourism resources, resulting in low tourist acceptance. At the same time, the structure and layout of the industry are also relatively unreasonable, and the cooperation efficiency between rural tourism industries is not enough. There is also a risk of chain breakage in the supply of industrial chain, and there may be a possibility of forming a tourism island. 2) In rural tourism areas similar to the study area, we should be vigilant, after a relatively high cost investment in rural tourism, the income is not considerable, easy to produce investment risk.


Rural Tourism; Social Reproduction Theory; Field Investigation Method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i9.9975