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Design and Application of Agile Development-Based Game Project Management System

Tiancheng Yuan


With the rapid development of society and the constant change of times, global informatization is gradually approaching. Agile development is a new software development approach that has emerged in recent years. It can effectively meet different customer needs, provide timely feedback on customer suggestions, and greatly improve the success rate of product development. It has been widely recognized by industries. Compared with traditional management methods, agile project management requires higher communication efficiency and requires a high degree of unity in the values of the development team, which has become an inherent driving force in project management. This study is based on game project management and aims to improve product development efficiency and reduce development cycles through the application of agile development. Firstly, an introduction to agile development is provided, followed by an analysis of the software requirements for game project management, including project management processes, system module requirements, and system functional requirements analysis, as well as an explanation of the agile software management process. The study then introduces the agile development game project management system, including game engine integration, item and score modules, art design, 3D modeling, and game interface development. By meeting different customer needs, rapidly updating the database and system functions, and improving work efficiency, this study provides a theoretical basis for future research and software development.


Agile Development; Game Project Management; Software; System Design

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i9.9998