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On the Development Status and Strategy of Digital Currency of the Central Bank of China

Guangxin Pan, Tianfeng Guo, Junjie Xia


 With the gradual rise of financial science and technology, the traditional currency tends to be eliminated due to various limitations. Digital currency technology based on block chain technology emerges as the times require. With the gradual deepening of the research on legal digital currency by the central bank, the implementation of legal digital currency will be the inevitable choice of China’s economic development, and also the inevitable requirement of complying with the trend of economic globalization and informatization. This paper studies the development status of digital currency at home and abroad and the importance of central bank issuing digital currency, and analyzes the main causes of the risk problems of circulation environment, laws and regulations, financial system and technical system faced by the Central Bank of China in promoting digital currency, including the implementation of laws and regulations, protection of users’ rights and interests, establishment of monitoring and analysis department, promotion of digital currency, etc. This paper puts forward specific measures and suggestions for the central bank to issue digital currency.


Central Bank; Digital Currency; Development Status; Strategy

Full Text:



Zhang Y. Central bank's digital currency exploration and its impact on monetary policy (in Chinese). Contemporary Economics 2020; (9): 53–55.

Gao H, Li G. Financial technology, digital currency and global financial system reconstruction (in Chinese). Academic Forum 2020; 43(2): 102–108.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v5i4.2967