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Study on Sino-Foreign Educational Collaboration: Status Quo, Challenges, and Strategies

Wei Chen


Sino-foreign educational collaborations are pivotal to China’s higher education internationalization,and they form an integral part of our educational framework.With over four decades of rapid growth,these collaborations have ushered in an array of top-notch educational resources to China,and fostered a multitude of elite professionals.Yet, alongside its evolution, challenges like ambiguous defi nitions of quality education, imbalanced talent training structures, asymmetric resource sharing between collaborating institutions, and uncertain external conditions for Sino-foreign educational partnerships have emerged.In light of these challenges,Chinese collaborative educational entities should delineate clear standards for quality educational resources,and enhance the managerial frameworks of Sino-foreign educational partnerships,positioning “quality education” at the forefront of collaborations,bolstering policy support,and consolidating the accomplishments of existing educational collaborations,maximizing the strengths of collaborative education,thereby propelling the global advancement of China’s higher education.


Sino-Foreign Educational Collaboration;Higher Education;Status Quo;Challenges;And Strategies

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