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Homier Smart Home Whole House Control System

Fuxin Guan, Weiming Hong, Mujie Xie, Sile Chang, Chaotao Deng


A modular smart home control system designed based on Hongmeng system, which utilizes Hongmeng touch black technology and LoRa MESH wireless communication technology to realize an intelligent controller that supports third-party ecosmart products, the controller adopts a modular design, and the modules realize magnetic expansion and modular design, which can facilitate the user to add or remove the required functions at any time, and the user can personalize the Smart home, while supporting voice, gesture, WeChat applet, APP and Web, etc., which provides great convenience and comfort for users' life.


Hongmeng system; LoRa MESH wireless communication technology; NFC short-range communication technology; Voice control

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10550